Authors & Affiliations

Yan’kov G.B.1, Bochkarev O.V.1, Vukolov V.A.1, Koltypin E.A.1, Kuz’min E.A.1, Molchanov Yu.D.1, Chulkov L.V.1, Abramovich S.N.,Shizhenskaya L.I.2
1Kurchatov Institute, Moskow, Russia
2Russian Federal Nuclear Center, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, Russia


There were researched energetic and angular distribution of neutrons from 6Li+3H and 7Li+3H reactions. It was used beams of accelerated 6Li and 7Li ions from cyclotron of Russian Scientific Center “Kurchatov’s Institute” and solid tritium targets of erbium tritid. The measurements were occurred by time-of-flight method for the 6Li projectile energies 6.0±0.6; 17.0±0.4 and 22.8±0.3 MeV, and the 7Li projectile energies 6.7±0.6; 19.3±0.4 and 25.9±0.3 MeV for the angular range from 0°to 160° in laboratory system. The results were compared with published data.

energetic distribution, neutrons, angular distribution, accelerated ions, beams, 6Li, 7Li, time of flight method, solid tritium target, erbium tritida

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UDC 539.172.14

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1998