Authors & Affiliations

Zvenigorodskij A.G., Shvetsov M.S., Shvetsov A.M., Savin M.V., Nefedov Ju.Ja., Zherebtsov V.A.
Russian Federal Nuclear Centre-All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics, Sarov, Russia


The total gamma-ray production cross-sections in the energy range Eγ=0.5-10 MeV were evaluated for neutron energies from 0.8 to 18.8 MeV. The evaluations were performed using cubic spline approximation curves. The curve parameters were determined by the maximum likelihood method.

the total gamma-ray production cross sections, cubic spline approximate curves, maximum likely hood method, method time flight

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UDC 171.017

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1999