Authors & Affiliations

Savin M.V., Livke A.V., Zvenigorodskij A.G.
Russian Federal Nuclear Centre - All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics, Sarov, Russia


The experimental data were compiled and the angular distributions and production cross-sections for the Eγ = 846.8, 1238.3 and 1810.8 keV discrete gamma-lines evaluated. The Legendre polynomial coefficients describing the angular distributions in the energy range up to En = 14.0 MeV and cross-section values in the En = 0.85-19.0 MeV range were evaluated.

isotopes of iron, angular distributions, cross-sections of production of discrete gamma-lines, Legendre polynomial coefficients

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UDC 539.171.017

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1999