Authors & Affiliations

Blokhin A.I., Buleeva N.N., Vozyakov V.V., Mikhajlyukova M.V., Nasyrova S.M.
State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation “Institute of Physics and Power Engineering”, Obninsk, Russia


The activity on the creation of evaluated photonuclear data library for 63 isotopes and elements is described briefly. The photonuclear data library BOFOD-99 includes in mainly the photoneutron and photofission cross sections in the gamma ray energy range up to 20 MeV and is constructed in the ENDF-6 format.

BOFOD-99 library, photonuclear data, photoneutron and photofission cross sections, cross sections and angular-energy distributions of secondary photoneutrons

Article Text (PDF, in English, Translated by IAEA)


UDC 539.17:6813.016

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1999