Authors & Affiliations

Danilychev A.V., Elistratov D.G., Rinejskij A.A., Stogov V.Yu., Chernyj V.A.
Russian Federation National Research Centre - Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE), Obninsk, Russia


This paper provides preliminary evaluations of the possible uncertainty ranges in conventional calculation of temperature coefficient of reactivity feedback components in fast reactors. It also analyses, using point kinetics approximation, how these uncertainties affect maximum coolant temperatures during unprotected loss of flow (ULOF) type accidents.

preliminary estimates, uncertainties, feedback TCR components, fast reactors, maximum coolant temperatures

Article Text (in English, PDF, Translated by IAEA)


UDC 621.039.58

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants, issue 1, 2000