Authors & Affiliations

Sukhovoi A.M., Khitrov V.A.
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia


Systematic error in determination of the absolute intensities of the two-step γ-cascades after the thermal neutron capture and its influence on the value and localization of extracted from (n,2γ)-reaction probable level densities and radiative strength functions of dipole γ-transitions have been analysed. It was found that this error in limits of its possible magnitude cannot change made earlier conclusions about the radiative strength functions of E1 and M1 transitions at Eγ~3 MeV and level density of heavy nucleus below ~0.5Bn.

systematic error, two-step γ-cascades, thermal neutron capture, level densities,radiative strength functions, γ-transitions

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UDC 539.172.4

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 1, 2003