Authors & Affiliations

Plyaskin V.I.1, Kosilov R.A.1, Manturov G.N.2
1State Technical University of Nuclear Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia
2State Scientific Centre - A.I. Leipunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia


An information system which can be used to calculate nuclide transmutation in nuclear reactors is described. The algorithms developed are based on a directed nuclide transformation graph and improve the speed of the calculations. The calculations are performed using a nuclear physics constants database with the latest evaluations which improves the reliability of the results obtained.

nuclide transmutation, nuclear reactor, information system, directed nuclide transformation graph, nuclear physics constants database

Article Text (in English, PDF, Translated by IAEA)


UDC 546.79

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 1-2, 2003