Authors & Affiliations

Khitrov V.A., Sukhovoi A.M.
Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia


From a comparison of the absolute intensities of individual two-step cascades with known intensities of their primary and secondary transitions following thermal neutron capture, the cascade and total population abilities of up to ~100 levels of each of the nuclei: 40K, 60Co, 74Ge, 114Cd, 118Sn, 124Te, 137,138Ba, 150Sm, 156,158Gd, 165Dy, 168Er, 175Yb, 181Hf, 183,184,185,187W, 196Pt and 200Hg have been determined.

These experimental data, as well as the intensities of two-step cascades to the low-lying levels of these nuclei, can be restored within experimental accuracy if only these level densities with a clearly expressed «step-like» structure are used, and a considerable local increase of the radiactive strength functions of secondary transitions to the levels situated close to the breakpoints on the energy dependence curve of level densities, and their quite significant decrease to the low-lying levels of the nucleus, are taken into account.

two-step cascades, thermal neutron, cascade total population abilities, nuclei levels

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UDC УДК 539.172

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 1-2, 2006