Authors & Affiliations

Titarenko Yu.E., Batyaev V.F., Titarenko A.Yu., Zhivun V.M.
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Moscow, Russia


The work presents the results of experimental determining the threshold reaction rates in 79 209Bi, natPb, 197Au, 181Ta, 169Tm, natIn, 93Nb, 64Zn, 65Cu, 63Cu, 59Co, 19F and 12C samples and in 127 27Al samples. The samples are arranged along the proton beam axis inside and outside the collapsible 920-mm thick Pb target of 50-mm diameter. The target is assembled of 23 40-mm thick discs. The samples are placed at 12 points on odd target discs to reproduce the longitudinal distributions of protons and neutrons along the target axis. The target was exposed for 18 hours to 800 MeV proton beam from the ITEP U-10 accelerator. The proton fluence and the proton beam shape are determined using 27Al(p,x)22Na and 27Al(p,x)7Be monitor reactions which were measured in three Al monitors. One of the monitors of 169.6-mm diameter is cut into 36 fragments to conform to the 27Al(p,x)7Be monitor reaction cross section. In all, (6.0±0.5)·1015 protons hit the target.

The reaction rates are determined by direct γ-spectrometry techniques. The measurements are made using a GC-2518 detector of 1.8 keV resolution and a DGDK-60V detector of 2.9 keV resolution in 60Co 1332 keV 60Co γ-line. The γ-lines measured are processed by the GENIE2000 code system. In all, 1196 γ-spectra have been measured and processed, and about 2467 reaction rates determined (monitor reactions included).

The results obtained will be used to verify the transport codes and the databases used to design the Pb target units for ADS facilities.

threshold reaction rates, thick Pb target, reaction cross section, γ-spectrometry techniques, 209Bi, natPb, 197Au, 181Ta, 169Tm, natIn, 93Nb, 64Zn, 65Cu, 63Cu, 59Co, 19F,12C, 27Al

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UDC 539.17

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 1-2, 2009