Authors & Affiliations

Khorasanov G.L., Blokhin А.I.
A.I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia


In the paper the values of one-group neutron radiation capture cross sections, <σ(n,γ)>, for coolant consisted from lead-208 averaged over neutron spectra of FRs and ADSs are calculated. It is shown that they are by 4-7 times smaller than one–group cross sections for coolant consisted from lead natural and lead-bismuth. This permits to consider the coolant from lead-208 as a low neutron absorption coolant for FRs and ADSs. The small value of cross section for lead-208 and surplus of neutrons in the reactor core and its periphery can be used for reducing the fuel load, increasing the breeding gain and transmutation of long living fission products into short living nuclides.

lead-208, coolant, lead-bismuth, cross sections, neutron, spectra, low neutron absorption coolant

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UDC 621.039.546

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants, issue 1-2, 2010