Authors & Affiliations

Blokhin A.I., Manokhin V.N.
A. I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia


In this paper an analysis of the experimental and evaluated data for (n,d) – reaction for the nuclei in the mass range of 13–100 was given. On the basis of the experimental data at the 14.8 MeV neutron energy the empirical systematics of the (n,d) – reaction excitation functions were suggested and the basis of the systemstics the evaluation of (n,d) reactions excitation functions for 19 nuclei was made. The comparison with the evaluated data of the libraries available was performed.

neutron data, cross section for the excitation functions, empirical systematics, (n, d) - reaction

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UDC 539.172

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants, issue 1-2, 2011-2012