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Bobkov V.P., Blokhin A.I., Zaboudko L.M., Rumyantsev V.N., Soloviev V.A., Tarasikov V.P.
A.I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power, Obninsk, Russia


Throughout the world, the share of nuclear power is increasing. This significantly increases the requirements for safety, reliability and efficiency operation of the nuclear power reactors. There is a need to increase the operating time of reactors to 40-50 years. For that the advanced reactor designs are developed. Promising directions in the devel-opment of new reactors are liquid metal cooled reactors, gas-cooled and boiling water reactors. Especially actively reactors cooled by liquid metals: sodium, lead and lead-bismuth eutectic are developed. Handbook consists of 6 volumes prepared by a IPPE’s working team. Editor-in-Chief of this Handbook is V.M. Poplavsky, Ph.D., professor. Each volume is devoted to specific functional purpose: volume 1-the properties of liquid metal coolants; volume 2-properties of gases; volume 3-properties of neutron absorbers materials; volume 4-properties of neutron moderators’ materials; volume 5-properties of reactor steels and alloys; volume 6-properties of nuclear fuel compositions. The handbook provides a sufficiently wide range of properties: thermal properties, mechanical properties, corrosion properties, nuclear-physical properties, and, for some materials, the effect of radiation on the properties. All data are given in international system of units (SI).

handbook, safety, reliability, efficiency, nuclear reactors, property,liquid metal, gas, water, boiling water, neutron absorbers material, neutron moderators material, reactor steel and alloy, nuclear fuel composition, thermophysical property, mechanical property, corrosion property, nuclear-physical property, the effect of radiation

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UDC 621.039.53

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants", issue 1, 2014