Authors & Affiliations

Deev V.I.1, Kharitonov V.S.1, Mushtakov D.N.1, Churkin A.N.2
1National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" Moscow, Russia
2OKB "GIDROPRESS", Podolsk, Russia


The prospects for the use of SCP water in nuclear power engineering with the specific requirements of the reliability of the core cooling of nuclear reactors caused an increased interest in research related to the improvement and development of new methods for heat transfer calculation in supercritical water. The analysis of the dependence for heat transfer calculation for SCP water flow in vertical pipes, acquired by the authors, was implemented in this study. The comparative assessment of the formula, proposed by the authors, with the computational dependences, which had been acquired before by other authors, was also performed. On the whole, the array of experimental data totaled to over 4000 experimental points of 20 original works. The evaluation covers the following range of geometrical and operational parameters, such as the inner pipes diameter d=(2,5–32) mm; water pressure p=(22,5–39,2) MPa; mass velocity and enthalpy of the fluid flow, respectively, G=(193–3600) kg/(m2·sec), hb = (120–3263) kJ/kg; heat flux density on a pipe wall surface q=(101–3460) kW/m2. By way of comparison with a large set of experimental data, it is shown that new equation provides the best agreement of the computational and experimental results in a wide range of parameters defining the heat transfer in water near the critical point.

nuclear reactor, heat transfer, supercritical parameters, critical point

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UDC 536.24

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants", issue 2, 2014