Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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The Editorial Board of the online edition of the journal titled “PROBLEMS OF ATOMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. SERIES: NUCLEAR AND REACTOR CONSTANTS” only considers the possibility to publish original material that has never been published anywhere before. Each article is reviewed, see. Review Process. Reviewers express their motivated critical remarks about the material submitted, its compliance with the journal specialization, its novelty and topicality. The decision to publish is made by the journal editorial board in line with the journal policy, in view of the current legislation in the area of copyright and based on reviewers’ recommendations. The copyright in the published article (photos, figures, diagrams, tables, etc. included) belongs to the online edition of the “PROBLEMS OF ATOMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. SERIES: NUCLEAR AND REACTOR CONSTANTS” and to the Author. The copyright in the manuscript is considered transferred by the Author to the Editorial Board since the moment of its approval for publication. In case of approved for publication, the article is placed in the public domain.

The editorial board does not bear any responsibility for reliability of the information given by the Author.

Ethical Principles in the Editorial Board Activities

  • When reaching the decision to publish the article, the journal editorial board is guided by the reliability of the data presented and scientific significance of the work considered.
  • The journal editorial board provides involvement of impartial and competent reviewers and, if necessary, replaces them.
  • The articles are not approved for publication if there are sufficient grounds to assume that they contain plagiarism, are not of scientific value, do not comply with the journal specialization and published editorial policy. In compliance with the editorial policy, any plagiarism present in the material submitted makes it impossible to publish the given and other articles written by this author in the journal in the future.
  • The unpublished data taken from the manuscripts submitted for consideration must not be used for personal advantage or be transferred to the third parties without written consent of the author. The information or ideas gained in the course of reviewing and related to possible advantages must be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

Reviewers are obliged:

  • To treat the manuscript received to be reviewed as a confidential document and not to hand it over to other people to be made aware of.
  • To give objective and well-reasoned assessment of the presented research results.
  • Not to use unpublished data from manuscripts.
  • The reviewer who, in his/her opinion, does not have sufficient qualification to review and assess the manuscript, or cannot be impartial, for example, in case of any conflict of interests with the author or the institution, must inform the editor about this fact, with the request to exclude him/her from the process of reviewing the given manuscript.

Authors of articles are obliged:

  • To realize that they bear their primary responsibility for novelty and reliability of their research results.
  • To ensure novelty and reliability of their research results, to keep out knowingly erroneous and falsified statements.
  • To ensure that the research results presented in the manuscript submitted to the journal should be original and all the material taken from other authors and used should have an explicit reference to these authors and primary sources.
  • To keep out of excess borrowing and plagiarism in any form.
  • To consider in the article all the works which were of importance in the course of studies and to provide adequate references to them.
  • To indicate all the people who significantly contributed to the research conducted as co-authors and not to indicate those who did not contribute anything.
  • To make sure that the article is published for the first time and has not been published or sent to other journals earlier.
  • To notify the editorial board about essential mistakes and deficiencies detected in the article at the stage of its consideration or after its publication.

The article must be accompanied by the official letter of referral from the institution where the work was performed. The article must be signed by all the authors, thus conferring the right to publish or post it on the Internet.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to shorten and review the manuscript material, to change the format of graphs, figures and tables in compliance with the journal design, without any change in the meaning of the information presented.

The manuscripts that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements and have a lot of stylistic, grammar and syntax errors are not published and are not sent back to the authors.

Any copying of the materials published on the journal site by other physical and legal entities is only possible upon the written consent of the Editorial Board, with obligatory reference to the journal title, its number and the year of publication.

The Author’s signature guarantees his/her exclusive rights to use the material transferred to the Editorial Board and testifies to the fact that the material submitted is original and does not contain any plagiarism. If the warranty is not observed and, accordingly, claims are laid against the Editorial Board, the Author shall settle all the claims at his/her own discretion and expense. The Editorial Board does not bear any responsibility to the third party for violation of guarantees given by the Author.

The Editorial Board keeps strict watch over the fact that published materials should be original and not contain any plagiarism. When the text or graphic information generated in the works of other authors is used, the references to the relative publications or the author’s written authorization is required.