Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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Authors & Affiliations

Golashvili T.V.1, Demidov A.P.1, Lbov A.A.1, Stukin A.D.1, Terentjev V.G.1, Tkachuk Yu.G.2, Komarov A.P.3, Serebryakov I.S.3
1Central Research Institute of Management, Economics and Information (ATOMINFORM)
2Russian Federation Ministry for Atomic Energy (The Center of Standardized and Reference Data)
3All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology


Data on radionuclide releases to the environment (air, water) in 1996 related to the activity of specific plants of the RF Ministry for Atomic Energy are presented and considered in the paper. Radiation impact of Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Processing Plants, and Isotope Separation Plants on the environment is under consideration. The ways to mitigate the contamination of the environment with radionuclides are under consideration. The paper is written on the base of annual ministerial report "The State of Natural Environment of the RF Ministry for Atomic Energy in 1996" No 30-490 of May 16, 1997. The report was prepared by the ministerial Department of Safety, Ecology and Emergency involving departments, joint stock companies, firms and institutions of the given branch of economic activity.

radiation, a radionuclide, radioactive contamination, Minatom, human health, ecology, radiochemistry

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UDC 539.17

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1997