Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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Gorelov V.P., Grebennikov A.N., Il'in B.I., Abramovich S.N., Andreev M.F.
Russian Federal Nuclear Center, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, Russia


Analytic expression for energy dependence of neutron flow was under consideration. Two methods to determine its parameters were suggested. Comparison between the results of calculation of neutron flow in undercadmium energy range energy distribution and the results of its calculation by Monte-Carlo technique in polyethylene block with fast neutron source was carried out. Form-factors were calculated, necessary for determination of 232Pa and 238Np fission cross sections by neutrons in thermal point according to the results of ratio of fission number by undercadmium neutrons in the samples of the mentioned nuclei to number fission by neutrons of the same energies in 235U sample measuring.

energy dependence, neutron flux, Monte Carlo method, source of fast neutrons, fission cross sections, thermal point, undercadmium neutrons, Pa-232, Np-238

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UDC 539.173.4

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1998