Authors & Affiliations

Zabrodskaya S.V., Korchagina G.A., Koshcheev V.N., Nikolaev M.N., Tsibulya A.M.
State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation A.I. Leipunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia


The library of neutron reaction group cross-sections in the ABBN-93 constant set is described. The format used for data representation, the content and purpose of the sub-libraries and their practical application in the SCALE criticality safety estimation system are discussed.

library of the neutron reaction group cross sections, criticality safety estimation system SKALA, stable nuclides, actinides, radionuclides

Article Text (PDF, in English, Translated by IAEA)


UDC 539.17

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 1999