Authors & Affiliations

Morogovsiy G.B., Bakhanovich L.A.
Belarussian Academy of Sciences Institute of Radiation Physics and Chemistry Problems, Belorussia


The set of selfconsistent multilevel Breight-Wigner parameters have been obtained for the representation of neutron cross sections in the energy range 10-5-220 eV as the result of the evaluation of 232U experimental cross sections in the resolved resonance region. The causes of the discrepancies in the experimental measurements of different authors were revealed. The resonance energies and parameters of earlier missed resonances have been calculated.

U-232, resolved resonance, multilevel Breight-Wigner parameters, neutron cross sections, evaluation of experimental cross sections

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UDC 539.163

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants", issue 2, 2001