Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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Authors & Affiliations

Poltavchenko A.1A. I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia
Dzisuk N.2, Kadenko I.2, Kadenko A.2Ukraine International Center for Nuclear Safety


. The cross sections for the 175,176Lu(n,α)172,173Tm, 156Dy(n,p)156Tb, 162Er(n,p)162(m+g) and 72Ge(n,2n)71Ge reactions induced by 14.7 MeV neutrons have been analysed. An interest to such reactions is driven by needs of nuclear physics theory domain and practical applications. The experimental data retrieved from EXFOR database and previous measured data by collaborators of the INSCs have been used. The cross sections for the listed reactions have been measured with the activation technique. The theoretical calculations of cross sections were performed with the TALYS-1.2 code with a specific attention to level density dependence. This was done with use of GMA code for nonmodel evaluation of the cross section in narrow energy range and GLUCS code using the Bayesian least-squares fit, with a prior evaluation of cross section and covariance matrices taken from the model calculations. Finally, the cross sections were evaluated in the energy range from the thresholds to 20 MeV.

neutron reaction, cross section, nuclear data, the activation procedure, the evaluation method of least squares

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UDC 539.173

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear Constants, issue 1-2, 2013