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Reconstruction of the neutron field in a nuclear reactor is one of the most important tasks of reactor physics as the efficiency and safety of nuclear facility control depend on solving it. The results of reconstruction are largely determined by the probability distributions of the calculated and measured data. The probability distribution of the calculated data in turn depends on the properties of the neutronic model and probabilistic characteristics of the model parameters. The present paper is devoted to the investigation of structure and the search of efficient algorithms for calculating the covariance matrices of stationary neutron flux density based on the linear perturbation theory and spectral properties of multigroup diffusion equation system.

Key words
nuclear reactor, neutronic model, neutron field, covariance matrix, neutron flux density, linear perturbation theory

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UDC 519.25:621.039.51...13

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants", issue 3:4, 2014