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The first version of the 26-group microconstant library ABBN was published in 1964. Basically this library was created for calculation of nuclear reactors. In the next version, ABBN-78 the data range was substantially increased. It became possible to use the library in protection calculations thanks to the information on the interaction of gamma-quanta with the material. Libraries of certified nuclear data are constantly updated. The information of particle-to-material interaction is constantly rectified. Therefore, the group constant systems based on the nuclear data libraries are always improving, as well. The new version of constant system ABBN (ABBN-RF, based on the ROSFOND library files) is currently at the verification stage. Group microscopic cross-sections are obtained by converting the files of evaluated neutron data by NJOY software into group mode. Currently, OKB "Gidropress" uses a proprietary code PMSNSYS for reactor core calculations, and mainly the KINXYZ code (as part of the REACTOR-GP package) for radiation shielding. The latter code is a joint development of KIAM of RAS and OKB “GIDROPRESS”). This paper presents the description of gndlmac and gndlmic formats and their functionality, changes in CONSYST software, making it possible to "request" the necessary data, and calculations of a test problem by PMSNSYS software using gndlmac and gndlmic formats prepared using the constant system CONSYST/ABBN-93.

Key words
nuclear data, group constant system, ABBN constant library, CONSYST software, gndlmac and gndlmic formats, microconstants, macroconstants, micro-cross-sections, macro-cross-sections

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UDC 004.94:53.081

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants", issue 3:6, 2014