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Peregudova O.O., Tsikunov A.G., Seliverstov I.N., Mukhamadeev R.I.
A.I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power, Obninsk, Russia


In this paper consideration is given to the preliminary estimation of the amount of actinides released to the environment by a high-power BN-type reactor. As a result, the data were obtained on the radiation effect of actinide discharge on the population under conditions of long-term normal operation of the NPP with BN reactor in whose core there are fuel elements with failed cladding. With the aim to estimate a possible contribution of actinides to the radiation situation related to BN reactor operation, the population exposure doses were calculated in case of aerosol and inert gas discharges into the atmosphere under the conditions of Beloyarsk NPP normal operation, with various categories of atmospheric stability. The paper presents the results of the consequences of radioactive discharges into the environment and the analysis of population dose burden calculation results obtained with the use of the code “Vybros”, including food chain doses “FCD”. As a result, the contribution of actinides to the total annual dose received by the population because of actinides, fission product aerosols and internal radioactive gases (with consideration of food chains) was equal to ~1 %. The contribution of actinides to the indicated dose received by the population is primarily determined by the peroral route of food product ingestion (~97 %). In the future it will be necessary to consider the fact that when the contents of minor actinides (Am, Cm) in the reactor fuel may increase an order of magnitude (for example, in the course of minor actinides transmutation arranged in the BN reactor), the contribution of actinides to the dose received by the population can run to 10 %. The contribution of actinides to the inhalation component of the dose will be defining (~90 %). This paper is topical due to the fact that it presents preliminary estimates of actinides radiation effects on the population under conditions of normal NPP operation with high-power BN reactor. These data are essential for designing new BN reactor systems in which the fuel with high concentration of transuranium elements (Pu, Np, Am, Cm) will be used.

Key words
Radiation effect, radioisotope, actinides, inert radioactive gas, failed fuel element, radiation burden, external radiation, inhalation

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UDC 614:876:621.039.566

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants", issue 4:2, 2014