Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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Parshikov I.A.1, Petukhov V.N.1, Timofeev K.A.1, Shchekaturov A.M.1, Borovitskiy S.A.2, Shmakov D.Yu.2
1 LLC “3V Servis”, Moscow, Russia
2JSC “AKME-Engineering”, Moscow, Russia


Using SimInTech software suite, complex computer model of dynamics for power unit with leadbismuth cooled fast reactor SVBR-100 has been developed to evaluate reactor core neutronics, thermal hydraulics of lead-bismuth circuit and the turbine circuit, as well as power unit control system dynamics. SVBR-100 dynamic model is a set of visually comprehensible schematic diagrams with all necessary data for computation. The model application areas include analysis of power unit transients, optimization of components characteristics, analytical verification of power unit control system algorithms performance, and development of man-machine interface system. It can be used for nuclear power unit safety analysis. The structural patterns of algorithms and regulators developed and tested within the model can be used as terms of reference for development of software and algorithm package for a real control system. The SimInTech provides a user-friendly graphical interface facilitating dramatic increase in labor efficiency and results quality.

SVBR-100 fast reactor, lead-bismuth coolant, transients, SimInTech software suite, dynamic model, NPP, safety analysis, control system, software and algorithm package

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UDC 621.039.5:004.94

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants, issue 3:1, 2015