Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants

since 1971

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Danilenko V.P.1, Dvornikov P.A.2, Kovtun S.N.2, Lukyanov D.A.2
1 SRTI named after A.P. Alexandrov, Sosnovy Bor, Russia
2A.I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power, Obninsk, Russia


Monitoring and diagnosing system (MDS) proposed by the IPPE is aimed at the monitoring and diagnosis of SVBR-100 reactor components condition and forecasting processes in the reactor under normal operation. The main MDS functions include d etection of deposits formation in the steam generator, steam or gas ingress into the core, calculation of neutronics and thermal p arameters of the core, and monitoring of the core elements condition, reactor systems integrity, and vibration load on the components. Besides, MDS creates the archive of data on condition of the reactor components, provides data exchange with the technological processes automatic control system of the power unit and makes diagnosis of its own hardware and software. In the report, MDS functional structure is discussed, as well as technical opportunities and problems of MDS development on the basis of earlier designed NPP diagnosing systems.

SVBR-100 reactor, monitoring and diagnosis, reactor components, vibration load, integrity, deposits detection, neutronics, core temperatures, data archive

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UDC 621.039.5

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants, issue 3:3, 2015