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since 1971

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Gomin E.A., Davidenko V.D., Davidenko O.V., Kovalishin A.A., Laletin M.N., Myasnikov S.V., Pavlov A.K., Pavshuk V.A., Petrunin N.V.
National Research Center "Kurchatov institute", Moscow, Russia

Gomin E.A. – Senior Researcher, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Davidenko V.D. – Head of Laboratory, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Davidenko O.V. – Junior Researcher, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Kovalishin A.A. – Director of the Department, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Laletin M.N. – Head of Laboratory, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Myasnikov S.V. – Senior Researcher, Chief Engineer of the Solution Reactor Complex, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Pavlov A.K. – Senior Researcher, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute". Contacts: 1, Akademika Kurchatova pl., Moscow, Russia, 123182. Tel.: +7(499)196-99-18; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Pavshuk V.A. – Head of Department, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".
Petrunin N.V. – Head of Complex of Solution Reactors, National Research Center "Kurchatov institute".


The solution research reactor "Argus" is described and the main principles of experimental and calculation safety justification are given. The methodology of experimental safety justification is provided using results of going-up experiments at the pulse research reactor "Hydra" and experiments with coolant loss in the primary loop of the research reactor "Argus" cooling system. According to normative documents requirements, the calculation justification methodology is also given using DAREUS computer system intended for modeling the dynamic processes in the cores of solution research reactors. KIR Monte Carlo code is used for the calculations of the point kinetics parameters. Results of some test and emergency calculations are given.

Calculation, Dynamics, Kinetics, Solution Reactor, Safety Justification, Monte Carlo Method

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UDC 621.039

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants, 2018, issue 2, 2:11